CVS Coupon Policy - Restrictions, Stacking etc. - (2023)

Like most retailers, CVS offers customers various savings methods through coupons and other loyalty programs. However, knowing the retailer’s coupon policies is vital since a simple misunderstanding may lead to disappointment.

According to CVS coupon policy, the store accepts CVS coupons (ExtraCare and other CVS-issued coupons), manufacturer, and third-party coupons. For your coupons to be eligible in CVS, you must present them during check-out. Also, the coupons must be legible and have a scannable barcode.

Note: CVS will not accept your coupon if scanned, copied, expired, altered, or prohibited by law. In addition, CVS does not scan your coupon barcode if presented on a mobile device.

If you have other manufacturers’ coupons, you may wonder whether CVS will accept them on top of its coupons.

CVS accepts manufacturer’s coupons and allows you to use them together with CVS coupons in a single transaction. However, unless the coupon’s terms state otherwise, CVS will only allow you to use one manufacturer coupon per item.

To learn more about the CVS coupon policy, whether you can stack up coupons, and the other reward programs offered at CVS, continue reading!

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  • 2 Policy Restrictions
  • 3 Can You Stack CVS Coupons?
  • 4 How Does Percent Off Coupons Work At CVS?
  • 5 What Are The Different Rewards Programs At CVS?
  • 6 FAQs

Expired Coupons

According to CVS coupon policy, the retailer does not accept expired coupons. As long as the coupon is past its expiry date, it is not eligible for use at CVS.

However, when using CVS self-checkout, the machines may make exceptions and accept coupons that have expired for one or two days.

Policy Restrictions

To use coupons at CVS, you must adhere to specific guidelines set by the retailer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • You can use multiple coupons on items, subject to each coupon’s restrictions. CVS reserves the right to process to accept coupons and may charge a sales tax on the pre-coupon price.
  • You must present your coupons during checkout. The coupons must be legible and have a scannable barcode.
  • You can only use one manufacturer coupon per qualifying item unless stated otherwise on the coupon. CVS will accept the guidelines stated on the coupon.
  • CVS will not accept copied, altered, scanned, or expired coupons.
  • The retailer does not scan coupon barcodes from a mobile device.
  • To use CVS Pharmacy coupons in-store, you must present a valid ExtraCare card.
  • You cannot exchange your coupons or ExtraCare rewards for cash, gift cards, or have them reissued.
  • You cannot use CVS coupons on clearance, sale, or promotional items.
  • CVS has the right to limit the use or acceptance of any coupon at its discretion.
  • You cannot use coupons in CVS specialty centers.
  • You cannot use coupons to buy alcohol, milk, prescriptions, OTC Covid 19 test kits, gift cards, postage stamps, lottery tickets, money orders, prepaid cards, and more.

Can You Stack CVS Coupons?

CVS coupon policy allows you to combine or stack different coupons in a single transaction to maximize your savings.

However, CVS will only allow you to use one manufacturer’s coupon per qualifying purchase, plus several CVS coupons. For example, when purchasing a $15 item, you can combine a single $3 manufacturer’s coupon with two $2 CVS coupons for a $7 discount.

Stacking CVS coupons is as easy as following the steps outlined below.

  • Start by using the manufacturer coupon plus your ExtraBucks rewards.
  • Add your CVS coupons.
  • You can use up to three CVS coupons per item.
  • You can also use any rebates to increase your discount.

To stack coupons at CVS, the retailer allows you to combine one manufacturer’s coupon with CVS coupons, ExtraBucks promotions, and eligible rebates from apps.

CVS will also allow you to stack digital and paper coupons – whether manufacturer’s, CVS app, or email coupons.

Does CVS Have A Coupon Limit?

When you need to stack different coupons at CVS, the store limits the number of coupons you can combine on a single item. You can only use one manufacturer’s coupon and combine it with up to three CVS-issued coupons.

How Does Percent Off Coupons Work At CVS?

You can use percent off coupons at CVS, albeit with some restrictions. For example, if you want to use percent off coupons at CVS, they are only applicable on regular-price items and not for items on sale, clearance, or promotion. In addition, you can only use each percent off coupon once.

When using a percent off coupon at CVS, the cashier will apply it after using the other coupons. Therefore, after applying all other coupons, your balance will reduce by a certain percentage.

What Are The Different Rewards Programs At CVS?

CVS has different Extra Care rewards programs targeting its most loyal customers. Below are some of the reward programs that you can sign up for at CVS.

CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club

Joining the CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club is free; you only need your CVS ExtraCare card number. The program offers you a gift when you spend $30 on beauty items per month when shopping online or in-store at CVS.

Some eligible items that will count towards the $30 include fragrances, cosmetics, hair color, hair care products, acne, facial care, sun care, and healthy skin products. It, however, excludes items from CVS Beauty services, oral care, hair accessories, shaves, deodorants, prescriptions, or gift cards.

If CVS has your birthday on file, you will get a $3 ExtraBucks reward from ExtraCare Beauty Club. During beauty events, CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club will reward you with 10% off purchases made up to a maximum of $20.

CVS Extreme Pharmacy & Health Rewards

Signing up for the CVS Pharmacy and Health Rewards program lets you earn a maximum of $50 in Pharmacy and Health ExtraBucks rewards per year. You can earn rewards when you spend on your prescription refills, vaccinations, CVS online activities, and more.

The program is free to join and gives you $5 in Pharmacy & ExtraCare Health Rewards for every ten credits earned. There are several ways to earn credits under the program. They include:

  • Filling or refilling a single prescription – earns you one credit.
  • Enrolling a family member or your pet – earns you one credit. Each enrolled family member can also earn $50 ExtraBucks rewards per year.
  • Filling or refilling a 90-day prescription – earns you three credits.
  • Getting a flu shot – earns you three credits.
  • Creating a new CVS account and linking a prescription – gets you three credits.

CVS CarePass

CVS CarePass is a premium membership program costing $5 per month or $48 per year. Once you join, you’ll get the first month for free.

The membership has many benefits and perks, including free 1-2 day delivery of your prescriptions, access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline, a $10 reward CarePass reward per month, and a 20 percent discount on eligible CVS Health Brand products.

CVS ExtraBucks Program

CVS ExtraBucks are the rewards you earn when you make purchases on your CVS account. CVS tracks your purchases through your account and rewards you with ExtraBucks coupons based on your buying habits. Below are ways you can earn CVS ExtraBucks rewards.

  • Through special offers and promotions sent to your email. For example, you may get an offer of $5 ExtraBucks for every $50 spent.
  • Spending at least $50 every three months earns you 2% of your total purchases as ExtraBucks rewards.

You can check your ExtraBucks rewards balance on your purchase receipt or the ExtraCare app.


Can you use coupons on sale items?

No. You cannot use CVS coupons on sales, promotional, or clearance items.

What is the 98 rule at CVS?

The 98 rule at CVS requires you to pay up to 98 percent of the purchase amount to earn ExtraBucks rewards. For example, if the purchase amount is $10, you must pay at least $9.80 to trigger the ExtraBucks rewards.

Do CVS coupons work at Target?

Yes. To use the coupon at Target, you must first fill one prescription at a CVS pharmacy located in a Target store.

Does CVS take one-day expired coupons?

No. According to CVS’s coupon policy, the retailer does not accept expired coupons. However, CVS self-checkout machines may accept 1-2 day expired coupons.

Did CVS change its coupon policy?

Yes. CVS keeps upgrading its coupon policy. It also states that it has the right to adjust the policy without advance notice or advertisement.

Does CVS have online coupons?

Yes. If you are looking for CVS online coupons, you can find some in its weekly ads on the CVS website.

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