How to enter FaZe1 Recruitment Challenge by FaZe Clan in 2022? (2023)


2021 was quite the year for FaZe Clan, be it for some of the biggest partnerships or their own comic book with DC Comics. The esports organization is making 2022 bigger by announcing its FaZe1 recruitment challenge.

FaZe Clan shared on Twitter today, January 20, 2021, that the latest challenge comes with exciting prices, and unlike the FaZe5 event in 2020, there’ll only be one winner, who will be given the opportunity to join the organization.

If you’re thrilled about the opportunity, here’s how you can enter the FaZe1 recruitment challenge.

How to enter the FaZe1 recruitment challenge

Follow the below steps to sign yourself up for FaZe’s Recruitment Challenge.

  • Go to the FaZe1 page on FaZe clan’s official website.
  • Click “Register Here” and fill out the details such as your country, age and state/province.
  • You need to fill out your full name, creator name, email address and Discord name, if applicable. If you’re under 18, you need to enter your parents’ or guardians’ email.
  • Next, link your social media channels and click on “submit” to complete the registration.

The registration will close on February 9 at 11:59 pm PT.

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This could all be yours. #FAZE1

Register now at

— FaZe Clan (@FaZeClan) January 20, 2022
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What prizes will the next FaZe member get?

The winner of the challenge will receive some impressive prizes apart from joining the FaZe Clan.

The winning creator will “receive a ONE MILLION dollar signing bonus paid in crypto powered by MoonPay, a $250,000 sponsorship from G FUEL and a brand new Nissan GT-R.This is FaZe1.”

Fans from across the world can participate in the challenge.

Once the challenge commences, the Top 20 will be filming 24 hours a day for 15 days at an “undisclosed” location in Los Angeles.

Fans can tune into FaZe’s Twitch channel at any point in time in those 15 days to see what the Top 20 are doing.

The exact dates of the challenge are yet to be revealed.

Wrath of Man | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime


(Video) How to JOIN FaZe Clan - #FAZE5 Recruitment Challenge


Wrath of Man | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime





Fans couldn’t be more excited about the challenge

Creators from across the globe have taken to Twitter to express their excitement about participating in FaZe Clan’s 2022 challenge.

One tweeted: “Challenges like #FAZE1 motivate me so much, can’t wait to create content for myself again like I did with the 100Tintern challenge. Learned A LOT from that experience and can’t wait to see what I come up with… FAZE TF UP”

Adding to the above tweet, another said: “At first I didn’t want to do it but then I realize this big opportunity don’t come twice!!! Maybe the content we create for this FaZe challenge could bring a lot of more people into our community and help us grow as creators too”

“This year Faze recruitment challenge is actually insane,” tweeted another.

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How do I get into FaZe1? ›

Participants must create a 1-3 minute video that answers the questions: “Why do you want to be part of FaZe Clan?” and “What would you do with a $1 million signing bonus in Crypto, courtesy of MoonPay?” All videos must be posted to participants' social channels and submitted on the FaZe1 website as directed.

Who won the FaZe1 challenge 2022? ›

Flash forward two years: In 2022, FaZe launched a new recruitment challenge called Faze1, and Gelinas put himself back in the running. After several months of online competition and an in-person finale at the FaZe Warehouse in L.A., the Quebecois gamer emerged victorious.

Who got recruited for FaZe1? ›

After months of challenges and thousands of entrants, the FaZe1 Recruitment Challenge has finally reached its end as Canadian streamer Proze took out the ultimate win, securing a spot in FaZe Clan along with a million-dollar payout.

Who won FaZe1 challenge? ›

(“FaZe Clan”), the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, announced Gabriel Gélinas aka FaZe Proze as the winner of FaZe1: The Warehouse in a final showdown that took place over a 5-day sprint to narrow the top 22 contestants down to one ultimate recruit.

How much does FaZe1 winner get? ›

The win sees Heroic take home $200,000 of the $425,000 total prize pool, with FaZe taking home just $85,000 for second place.

Who is the FaZe1 winner? ›

The #FAZE1 Winner has been crowned: welcome to the team FaZe Ruler! His recruitment recorded by FaZe Rain is live on the. The interview we didn't know we needed… @theslumpgod x @stableronaldo ...


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