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iHeartPublix Shopping List

hi guys Michelle from my heart Publix,here I wanted to take a couple of,minutes to teach you to use the new,shopping list feature that's on my site,I think I'm going to do both computer,and phone so let's start first with the,computer ok guys the first thing that we,want to do is to go to a weekly ad or,opposed to Ed deals to our shopping list,so I'm going to start at this week's ad,okay and you simply add items as you,would with the other shopping list so,click the plus sign you'll see that a,check box comes up letting you know the,item has been added to your shopping,list and a pop up also comes up to let,you know the item has been added so,simply go through add any item that you,want or items I'm going to add a few,from BOGO I'm gonna go down and from a,couple of our other categories so you,can see what happens and that's it,okay you can then click to open your,list from the pop-up or go up to the,navigation bar and click my list now,you'll notice that everything that you,clicked from the ad is now on your,shopping list next part is editing,obviously we're going to be able to,change the quantity that we want to,purchase the coupons that we want to use,things like that so we can get our list,exactly how we how you want it right now,you'll see I have 12 items for a total,of 67 11 on my shopping list now that's,before I've added in any coupons or made,any modifications so right beside the,the pricing is the menu okay one thing,you do want to do if this is the first,time you've ever used the shopping list,is you want to tell the shopping list,what type of BOGO you have whether,you're true BOGO or Half Price,in my case I'm half price but you can,also change the true BOGO so that the,calculations will be more for your area,I'm in half price BOGO meaning I can buy,one item at half price so I'm going to,put my back ok and notice that all items,that our BOGO do come in with a quantity,of two that's an understanding that,you're buying buy one get one free okay,it makes things just a little bit easier,but just do keep that online because,folks in half-price BOGO like me we can,just buy one so I'm going to edit that,and change snack factory to just one,you'll notice the price changes when I,change the quantity green wise I'm going,to buy four of those I'm gonna buy four,bags of bagels again price changes let,me show you one more time for watch the,price for holy guacamole how it's,changes with the next time I click OK,and now let's go to the coupons okay so,there are there's a printable for holy,guacamole and since I'm buying for I can,use two coupons so I'm going to simply,modify I'm going to say that I'm using,two you saw the price changes and the,list will actually tell you the price,per item that you're paying okay so you,just keep can you continue and just add,edit change things as you'd like that's,pretty simple pretty straightforward,modify coupons or and the quantity of,coupons that you're going to use now in,the case of obviously we can't use all

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Bi-LO Weekly Ad (12/12-12/18)

Bi-LO Weekly Ad (12/12-12/18)

hey guys I heart battle here this is the,new ad the 12th through the 18th,December twelfth of the 80s and we have,a three day of three day sale friday,saturday sunday pretty good prices,domino sugar actually I think we have a,few pops back remember those peely I,told you about those are on those sofa,products plus the target coupon and then,I make sure if that's good anymore but,hey and there's a limit of six ugly yeah,and the 60 does a great deal snd yeah,okay if we have target coupon for that I,think nobody have progressive coupons,and again this is all off the top of my,head because um you know there's time to,find out thank you remember,tounisi pride for those that got that,coupon the baby for a cent coupon,there's our free again it's offers crazy,look a bit redundant,free him once again or you could be hand,out like me Dean I think it's a,printable out for that Bailey's coffee,member they suspected that there was a,recall on the hazelnut so stay away from,that for a minute and that's actually on,the site as well it do UPC number and,everything I think that was thanks to,Shannon for giving giving me that,information there's the mail deal oh no,to start deal sorry kind of the large at,again,they don't get enough of the panties and,some of that came off coupon for that as,well,again matchups will be on my heart by,locom coupons just kind of run together,yes although I think there is a publix,coupon whoops not very nevermind Phil,works,okay okay here's your meal deal,okay Melvin at CVS coupon my dollars 50,off to a bleep that would work nicely,with that one and here goes it's off any,Pillsbury,and this view you know there's tons of,coupons up for that this is a 350,instantly it register when you purchase,for I think I could do that over here,the focused here,we just gotta McCormick's evening keep,on so don't know if i'll make it a good,deal though but we'll see i'm on the,edge sorry,what if there's a competitor coupon for,the wipes and maybe a good deal,oh there is a competitor keep on we're,just a few I think blue line and Amanda,pressure keep on there's two out oh I,see nobody of them yes that's water,somebody taking back,and background and last page,and we have a more great home to keep on,right there not sure,and thats the end of the set all right,email me or comment or something on this,post you see anything anything good that,this one out or did you just want to let,me know about alright talk to you guys,later December 12 to the 18th go to I,heart Bravo calm see you later bye

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Kroger and Publix weekly ad(especiales 2/11-2/18/16

Kroger and Publix weekly ad(especiales 2/11-2/18/16

hello YouTube viewers and welcome back,is 75 here AKA bhu EG i would like to,thank my new subscribers all subscribers,and viewers for subscribing for rating,for favorite for your comments for the,support I really appreciate it today is,february's 11 it's thursday and i'm here,to share with you my weekly after the,supermarket kroger and publix all I,cannot be lost k to sing tonisha the,Nabatean cerca de cinco agus rishi we,should be a Murillo's Alta I'll OS,febrero say s jueves y esto aqui para,compartir lo especiales de el,Supermercado floor he public's help sa,Mo's less they start the first thing,that I gon show you here is this new,stage ok lo primero que puede ser aqui,esta página suelto para que a probation,ah el de san valentin SI tienen comprado,dekhi ramo de Flore chocolatito etc so,you guys can take a bandage of this sale,if you like know if you're late in you,have invited up some Valentine's Day,I'll give you can buy like roses stuff,animals chocolates etc okay this one is,by 6 a-3 you can do a mixer match at the,compress ace yonathan Esposito no puede,hacer este el me 20 kilo of nice piano,but I get away train,ok,music,hey,um by two walls and you get the fabric,softener free so you can plug those,little hint this de la marca o de Lange,and suave asado de ropa gratis okay del,america a snuggle go deep on their way,about how the time for chennai min can't,allocate for there anyway don't forget,the freebie of the week no she'll be,then that's what ticular gratis now we,gotta go on public and i'm going to,focus on the buy one get one free what's,lost can you go on the buy one get one,free,okay I hope you guys see you sorry now,give us a member mescaline and if you,want to you can pause the video see they,say im Welling um post arter delay oh,yes is less Emma fussing or you can go,to ww that I heart publix.com je en,cuando lo hi Pacey allez OU SI no pueden,gira doble doble punto i heart publix,punto com yeah yeah Sandow Fantas,when I figured out this,okay this has been 7588 me too she know,what to do support bye bye and take care,kissimmee de cinco Angus mission which,she is seeing as in Paris angle and don,diva bye bye if we don't say

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Kroger and Publix weekly ad, Especiales 8 /29 9 /6/ 15

Kroger and Publix weekly ad, Especiales 8 /29 9 /6/ 15

hello YouTube viewers and welcome back,is 75 here AKA nietzsche winching i,would like to thank my new subscribers,all subscribers and viewers for,subscribing from ready for favor and 3,comments for the support I really,appreciate it today is almost 27 is,thursday and i'm here to share with you,my weekly ad from the supermarket cover,and publix all i got no amigo que to,sing Tony says demo work es mi de cinco,a COS Misha Misha bienvenidos al cannon,OES agosto banty siete es jueves y estoy,ahi para compartir lon posada del,supermercado kroger e publix empecemos,let's get started,a lot of time for 10 I love it meantime,fellow had piccolo que también for this,Carla whoo no question Dolan so now i,have a something you save a lot,hey go,and I can see that for most of these,products they are coupons people yep LOL,key I you know pal de cupones para,kohati culo like this one right here see,and his name brand you some day Monica,there you go kundo Allah Tala one with,angel soft and brownie one dollar each,the angel solve the Browning paper towel,we go can be,kroger I know yeah there's coupon for,this yup on the PD,I got my piggies already Daniel tengo me,macoupin wanna gracias a senior yo so,let's see what I can do,by local warning all right,by three say three dr. tres e-tailer,three don't forget the freebie of the,week nor shall be then they artículo,gratis let's go to publix remember that,I'm going to focus more on the buy one,get one free acquaintance NK when folk,ademas en lo compra uno y wat al otro,gratis para me hace bien importante,hello man importante Republic's that's,the most important thing in publix for,me you always want the freebie you know,mopar friends,there you go community coffee there's,coupons for that Tim,my niece Marissa compra una y otra,gratis,olive oil,Stadium,ok,middle school,you can post it if you want to go,bowling palcic earring or you can go to,also ww that um oh my god I forgot the,website always said and I forgot it I,heart I'm sorry I heart Publix or I hard,um kroger calm and I believe that you,can see the weekly ads from there too,okay people this has been 75 aka me she,wishes support the middle bye bye take,care episode Sammy de cinco a cosmic we,she is serious in tourism delta diva,ballet equal

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CART FULL OF GROCERIES FOR $1🔥| The Publix Promise Delivers 🙌🏽 | Coupon Deals for 9/2-9/8 or 9/3-9/9

CART FULL OF GROCERIES FOR $1🔥| The Publix Promise Delivers 🙌🏽 | Coupon Deals for 9/2-9/8 or 9/3-9/9

a 갈 * 쌀 땡길 싸우 맞춰 채널이 앵커 든 매니아,아 하 등의 이크 저흰 아이고 나도 이 왈 왈 최희가,성지 아세아 캐미 법이 베로 웬 밥으로 엑셈 일하다 듯 1m 친구의 있고,마음속에 드디어 분들이야 써 아니라 앞에 칼슘 베리아 스토밍 앞이 한자,낡고 메탈 western wall 싶어 iq 베키오 잉크 밤 낮 행사,4로 다음주에 스톤으로 맨 아치 마셔줘야 세로 의외로 배,아우 하는 게 바 티 스 6 # 맹서 imm 파버 x 나 바뀔 때 스위스,되요,썬 s0 산업이 그러 없어 데 낙 소위 그 밥 뭐 1대 편에 않고 할게요,설정된 써도 돼,드디어 4 추위에 급한 디어 긁힌 바엔 and isles 와야 속옷,공적인 글은 첫 4 참 바우와 배 썩은 놓아 oris m 다스 싸 이 즈,der wiel 만큼의 파이스 위약 길의 생크 판 사람에는 일수 하라 이,땅을 아픔 qq 파나 더 아픈 큐브 쿨 파는 치킨 파일 nx200 스파크,뭐야,안된 mp 공개 여행은 밤에 세미 와이어 블투 떠오른 토니 봐 센서부,tu 악도 삼아 ip 쌍은 원활한 싹다 어떤 병 세미 encoders 2,부활 3 2 많이 메이크 4만원 스타라 스쿼드가 필요 d,으,아,남들과 안 나다 권한 fr4 이아람 호갱 싸움에 리퍼 이거 주아름 스투,짜이,낙석 누나는 그 아들 선팅 소아 5 4 그렇게 써 비하면 대추로 급한,일단 메이크 데 스포 2 아 난 이만 업이 아트 팁 에서 ntlm 아까운,한번 어떤 마디로 다 때 주로 그 카마,책이 마우스 부총리 마을 포드 사의 럼 나무 때는 봐 보안 해킹 데코 아,알겠어 컵에,써 d 아빠 wr id 도 2쌍,아까 담아 포함될 주로 쿠팡 더 매트 슛을 라인들이 또 이 쌀,나와 좌우하는데 bo 베이크 길옆 i3 2세대 4 있요 2x 와 v 쿼리,팝 lp 페이퍼 만큼 허위 v yr 때 쭉 회화 원소 이아름 틈새 님의,워 자는게 5만원 ds 악셀 수업 끝 또 하 고이 퍼 바 백수로 요 써,dsi 톤이나 n,아무리 하다 a 컵 아마 맥스에서 앞서 v 프로 2 디스크 판에서 너무,한가하다 이거 모발이 키다 우리들이 밥이 isofix 요요 nxc 아르마,난간 3 송환 엔비디아의 보호를 서버 5 빛으로 귀 포함해서 파우치 x,파일 복원 levi's lv,사물의 과 동안 소아 다 옳지 당해낼 슛 이 압수 fa 아까 이렇게 주로,권한,땐 악사를 맘과 배송 1m 있어 까 오면 써 내에서 말 관계관 후 이들,수익성을 출하 울 서비,아하 아이타워 렌트 폰이 박사가 앞에 주로 급하면 크롬 액트 시켰어 라벤,d8,너무 빨리 과 dumps rgn 정치 있어 발광 계원 풀이될 수 및 에,아무 답이 유성 ace 빨 세라프 치우 테이프 화 람이 아쿠아 매트,이슈스타 울 mp4 등 싼 스팟 아아 괜찮아 먹음 왁싱 수선을 않아 을,잘 수업에 수 있,내 미학 의 원자와 아뵤 쪼그만 써 아까 다테 주고 급함 하는데 소비,줬었다 넣어 얘야 너 리보 싼 쓰,써 by 외에서 ai 란 어휘 워낙 아비 우승 것들 주로 그 8,그래서 우리 법회에 앞서 의 막 등 포드도 실파 않고 파란들 소희 아,마이 비만,lx5 버그 나주에서 입 마 리메이크 안 벗 제이나 써도 체 갈땐 첨엔,쏘아 안 라이트 인버터 출항을 썩고 안세 얻을 수 있,맥 잉 담지 왔어도 이안나 인 팅 왜 확보한 were now 화백 또,어디다 erase it 오 배수 및 리스 아주 난 인한 밟은 게 괜히 이,whom 이하의 입자와 어 거의 베럴 다음 카슈 받고 205 나 다 라,made it an aerosol 인구 한다 or ip 양떼 in,water,싼 맛 을 거의 뛰어들 수 있게 수 없는 내비 빠리 와 씩 선행사 포라,을 선정 어린아이인 싼 승언 나 암 3 어법이 압축 그 반 써줄게 싸,were 써 pirate 아속 지음 망이 받치면 급하 메아리 하이 출항,아 아까 보안 그 관은 따라서 뱀 왔어 마르고 ou 킴과 벨의 앉다 해와,체 칠판 버거에 댄스 동암 써먹었다 스킵 한테 까고 맥 pc os lee,min cho 추석 와이파이 sd 밑단 떠 백성들과 등의 out 될거,같아 서비스 된 뒤 소위가 힘입어 입을 손으로 쥘 망 2층이 넌 쓰여 별,수 있겠나 놈 이하 아이더 9 보안 알바로 이다 이 이 아리따운 촌의,사드 주로 그 관 쏘아 2기 스타 모두 더 섀딩 ver pv place,있어 옛말이 메이크업 서비스 r4 웃음이 팔았다 팝 543 싸 가 왔던,스퀘어 페이스 에 접속 후 끝나니 말포이 많고 사는 바쳐 이가 발 노릇을,더 생기 어긋남이 마임 on if 알파 우스 말 키아 드 바 있었고 이는,같은 바운스 인바티 어연 느 4 스킬 허리 라무르 알 수 있는 왕 빡,아 탱크 가까운 소와 히 어서 권한이 나무 주소 위축성 파이 이안 서비스,sr 등나무 여과 백 투쟁 악하게 스포 앵 컴포 위 덩 된거라 아름답,추가해서 마수 약해 마 일본 어비스 목사 스 줄 서 경 설,추락을 쓰 들 가을 많이 나 n 안 방 관계 완수 이들 속에 수가 아로하,바퀴 포함 사다 바락바락 미르 싸워 아비드 아웃이 갔어 비가 지팍스 없이,색 알아봐 쥐 u 위가 쌕스 r nonstop 미아 발포 이아름 수가,있대요 우리나라와 라비 하바 5명,그친 indexer 요거 써온 마스크 o2 포함된 착하 오웬스 이하 하고,있다 2 캄사 9,아웃 아이가 sri 쇼핑 왜 컴 싹 마우스 있는 빨 스택 맞춰 그랜,water on 하우 덩 파이프 erw 아이러브 스킨,와우 스토퍼 않음 사바나 칸 배방 사우드 즉시 캅스 확보된 왕 파일 3,미팅이 하우스 오브 마이 odi 아웃 맘에 다큐 푸는 팀 아,아망떼 주목해 막 나 부서 및 외도로 쌍 탱크 무선마우스 대주주로서,다 바벨 2세 파보 xl 소문이 괴테 주로 피판 쏘 아웃 아이막 하브,야만 4% k 마트 의가 외 센 발생 써 애로 바이러스 거의 토로 위해를,통 쉐이딩 압사 분이 출하 외설 미우 외부 수출 맞출수 디오,다솜 masters e2c 왜 앞에는 웨딩 금하,9 맞은 가 뭐 or 띄는 왜냐 마이 앤 런 스무드 즉시 카 싸울 9,6r 말씀 많이 붙어 파브 x 팜 l,저는 팝 습하면 capel 원삼 등 빙상 업황 파일 솥은 왕수박,레이보우 비판이 우드 초로 파서

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hello everyone welcome to your CVS full,ad preview for the week of January 1st,through the 7th so we're into our new,deals for 2023 this is a long ad they're,promoting a lot of Health deals,there's just a lot of deals in general,so let's go ahead and dive in I hope,that you guys are doing well,um we're gonna start with some buy one,get one free vitamins we have a two,dollar digital send a card coupon,we also have the spend 30 get a 10 extra,bag of deal and if you look there's,um to the right actually to the right,Little Critters of Vitafusion their buy,one get one fifty percent it looks like,we're getting a 10 off to send card,coupon so fingers crossed because that,would be a great item to include in your,spend 30 get 10 with that high value,digital coupon it's great because it's,going to create a lower out of pocket so,now you can add in more deals with more,coupons,or different purchase based coupons like,a 6 off 30 to really get a low out of,pocket deal plus January is a great time,to stack up on vitamins so for yourself,for the kiddos that is a good deal we,have the Huggies also included two for,22 dollars there's a two dollar digital,and some other health care items,included in the spend 30 get 10.,so again you're gonna see with your,stores a lot of Health Care deals will,be promoted in the month of January,spend 30 at 10 we have some more deals,here so we have the tide 12.99 we have,some Bounty Charmin Head and Shoulders,we have the Venus razors or cartridges,at buy one get one fifty percent off we,have some oral care there with the Glide,and the Oral B rinse and then Duracell,batteries are buy one get one fifty,percent so I'm sure we'll see more,products included in this promotion,wishing you guys a Happy,2023 I know couponing has changed in the,last few years and it just keeps,changing but let's hang in there I'm,positive that good things will happen in,2023 for couponing for savings so I'm,gonna be there I hope that you'll join,me,um remember,someone had mentioned in a comment,something that I had said that you know,some savings is better than no savings,so always keep that in the back of your,mind when you're couponing I know it's,not the cart full of deals that we may,have gotten years ago but there's still,ways to save for our family and actually,to be a smarter couponer and to buy less,and to use more of what we buy because I,think some couponers if you're not,giving or donating or using the products,that you get it just doesn't make sense,to do it you really have to have a plan,and you know execute the plan well so,here we go with CVS Health vitamins buy,one get one free,we've got some stop smoking aids I'd buy,one get one uh 50 off boosters we've got,the Boost deal buy four get a ten dollar,extra back and the original six packs,are on sale for 8.99 looks like we're,getting a five off two,um insert coupon it will probably be,digital as well so keep that in mind but,that's a great deal it is a limit of one,here we go with some hair c

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PUBLIX--$10 challenge!!

PUBLIX--$10 challenge!!

hello everyone this is jade from never,extreme and I wanted to go over my,publix hall I'm going to tell you the,totals first since my last video went,too long and I didn't get a chance to,say it so I'm going to go ahead and,start off I saved ninety two dot,seventeen cents and I came out of pocket,of ten dollars and seventy seven cents,for everything that you see here on this,table alright so here are the deals my,moneymaker is still the Pens the Pens,are fifty cents apiece you use the,target coupon for a dollar off that,makes you five dollars for every 10 I'd,like to remind everybody if you can to,get a raincheck however this week it is,not I repeat not in the weekly ad so,getting a raincheck might be a little,bit hard they wrote me one today I don't,know if they will continue to do that so,I'll just see what happens the Smuckers,uncrustables are on sale buy one get one,free that makes them a dollar 48 and a,dollar 47 we have this coupon save a,dollar on any one box so that made my,uncrustables 47 and 48 cents I will be,going back for more the bread I got for,absolutely free my store my target,recently turned into a target that has,food fresh food fresh fruits and produce,and so they've been sending out a little,coupons in our mail that are four,different food items last week we got,free eggs this week we got free bread I,can't wait to see what comes next week,so I don't know if anybody's aware of,this but publix will to accept,competitor coupons for their store brand,so since my coupon was for the target,brand bread I was able to get the,public's brand bread and I chose the,public's premium sorry that it's upside,down honey wheat I really enjoy that,kind,so that's the kind of guy the chex mix,is not on sale it's a regular price of,two dollars and fifty five cents for the,smaller bag I guess it is we have a,coupon from publix that says save a,dollar on anyone chex mix it's expiring,on the fourth so I went on ahead and,really the focus of this whole hall is,to use these peg the running out running,in peg coupons you know they're on the,little kiosk with the peg I did a video,on that a while back when they first,came out there's also a 50 cent off,coupon on coupons com I printed out a,bunch of these and this one here is,going to double up to a dollar so I got,two dollars off making this bag of chex,mix 55 cents apiece my Orville,Redenbacher kettle corn in a bag there,we go it was on the clearance table for,what I thought was going to be 2 99 I,figured I'd take a dollar off just to,try it it would be two dollars for the,bag but it rang up a dollar ninety-nine,so I took a dollar off and i paid 99,cents for this bag of kettle corn which,was really good i did the listerine deal,which i know there's a deal at rite aid,right now on the listerine but i went on,ahead and spent three dollars and got,three bottles of Listerine listerine is,two for three dollars I'm two for six,dollars make them three dollars apiece,the manufacturer coupons a dollar and,then

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Publix and Kroger weekly ad Especiales 9/18-9/26

Publix and Kroger weekly ad Especiales 9/18-9/26

hello YouTube viewers and welcome back,is 75 here ok Michu Ichi i would like to,thank my new subscribers all subscribers,and viewers for subscribing for ready,for a favor and for your comments for,the support i really appreciate it today,September 17 is thursday and i'm here to,share with you my weekly ad from publix,clover and also i'm gonna show dollar,general you came a little late one day,late but i'm going to show it anyway,okay when I can I me okay in,Tunisia de novo pas envie de cinco agus,misha misha bienvenidos al canal oi sa,tiobraid SE siete escuela estoy aquí,para compartir lo especiales del,supermercado publix yo ho y cambia cual,es el y honest dollar general este me,lego solamente un dia tarde pero como,quiera lo voy a enseñar no se SI hacer,en este video on video separado okay,people let's get started in pessimist,remember i'm going to focus on the buy,one get one free the most when it comes,to the publix weekly I acquaintance and,came away a mess and lo compre,una llamada ensenando gratis cuando se,trata de publix ok,if you want you can force a celestion lo,pueden pasar en confianza,I coupon I desto tsunami key vocalizing,quantec cinco centavos there's coupons,for the Mueller's pasta or 55 cents if,i'm not mistaken i don't know where it,came from but they are coupons people no,cell understand but I coupons it up what,is our,okay now we go in on kroger on our boys,need a crowbar I went with them sexiest,and towels very good 77 cents for the,yogurt all right,was a lowes page,shall we see that there you go,love me the ten for ten ok the FLDS todo,a dollar loving it baby ballet the,vegetables I love me some temperature ok,you don't coupon Delta montecarlo ESN,Wow,last page will team up on healing with,suavecito loss and OC chiarrin or you,can go to I hardcover com Oh putting it,out of little use a little punto i heart,kroger punto com will open beta e okay,and don't forget the freebie of the,weakness your bead and ALS de culo,gratis okay people what I'm gonna do is,on the second video i will show you,dollar general love the way i said i can,I boylston getting a segundo video,dollar general this has been 75 okay,amychii we should know what to do so,poor Tom it up baba and take care ssl,similar Cinco I catch me chichi easy as,in Thomas and / y equal insane

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New Bi-LO Ad (2/27-3/5)

New Bi-LO Ad (2/27-3/5)

hey guys I heart bottle here is the new,web software 27 through March fifth,chunky monkey is up so fine,that's the add part these are the field,box on the right-hand side we usually,have Charmin and bounty coupons in the,Fuji coming out we have pamper coupons,prego coupon is emailed that publix,coupon that best nails at home I know I,think keep our coupons out the cookies,okay that's the first page is your meat,your seafood section,ok,okay you have a whole page of fuel perks,will fieldwork liking this new field,work,usually a Betty Crocker coupons your,bags eminem's remember that coupon I,told you in the Kellogg's Rice Krispies,PG usually has a dawn coupon that,enfamil first I'm you know what I don't,know if the public's is still good or,not but there's a Catalina out for that,which is a manufacturer coupon,your third page has a bunch of test ends,on there,whoa,okay here's your meal deal for this week,hello,more fuel perks,yes,yep that's,that Starbucks member i did the post on,tyr pads as well as the walgreens coupon,and then be a deal for some,oops I focus here,and the wine in beer section,ok we have a pet deal this week the cat,lovers out there and then we have a,thief for at the register when you buy,for,give you heads up the pantene pill perks,there was a single page flyer and one of,my Sunday papers that might be a deal,for someone you guys at last page this,is the produce,best part you need flowers alright that,concludes the ad that's februari 27th,through March fit and see you on sight I,heart by locom hi

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Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (2/5-2/11)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (2/5-2/11)

hey guys I heart by low here a sunday,night after the football game and I have,completely forgot to the to do the,YouTube video so let me go and do that,right now okay this is the new ad this,is for february's s through februari,love it and our i posted the ragu deal,which i'm very excited about if you have,the competitor coupon and the,manufacturer coupon as it makes it 99,cents per student which is a break okay,chicken you have tons of fuel perks on,your meats,oops for 2,000,my kids will be happy about that,not about feel parks but then get up,I'm sorry it's already crinkled in all,types of ways but I'm very started take,tearing this um a depart,hope kind of shake and trying to hold at,the same time,Sam and valentine´s is right around the,corner so amount of sales on the wine,and chocolates and such,goodies,okay now if you didn't take advantage of,the bogo coupon i posted earlier for,this week which is cheaper this week but,if you buy two of them you get five,cents for fuel park so the cheerios will,that bogo coupon will walk with the,Cheerios deal,and the competitor keep on but this time,you'll just earn gas,here's your meal deal you're free stuff,and your old El Paso head to bio calm,and go ahead and add all your new eq,ponds to your card bending over doesn't,help okay their dealers by thirty,dollars with the PG products here and,you get ten dollars by little gift card,by the mail or in the mail I should say,someone already commented the all,couples number we have a three off to,and the new PG,there's printable coupons for the,hormone I'm sorry hormel premium chip,the chunk chicken breast and we have,coupons for the hormel chili and spam,oops hold on all anyway,your broker deals believe we have a taco,dinner our taco I cannot speak today,never mind oh we don't,okay it's printables for that tough ty,stuff I never had it,alright guys and there's nature-made,coupons as well all right that is when,you add book looks like in front that is,for every fifth root element all right,we're picking apart and adding the deals,on to I hurt by wacom see you there

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Why i can t see the publix weekly ad? ›

If you're experiencing issues with the weekly ad loading in your browser, please confirm you're using a recommended browser. If you're using a recommended browser, the issue is most likely with the web browser cookies used for the weekly ad. Try deleting your web browser's cookies and visit the weekly ad again.

What day of the week does Publix ad change? ›

We currently have two weekly ad cycles and ads are posted accordingly. For ads effective Wednesday through Tuesday, we post around 12 a.m. (midnight) Eastern Time Wednesday morning. For ads effective Thursday through Wednesday, we post around 12 a.m. (midnight) Eastern Time on Thursday morning.

How do I get Publix ads in the mail? ›

How do I get on your corporate mailing list for coupons/promotions? Call Customer Care at 1-800-242-1227, email us via the Contact Us form, or write us at ATTN: Customer Care, Publix Super Markets, Inc., P.O. Box 407, Lakeland, FL 33802 and request to be added to our mailing list.

Why is Publix removing the scales? ›

[TRENDING: Become a News 6 Insider (it's free!)] “The manufacturer ceased production in 2015, meaning that one day — although our wonderful repair shop keeps our remaining machines in great shape — the last Publix scale will retire,” the post stated.

Does Publix mail weekly ads? ›

A weekly ad alert or notification is distributed as part of the Publix weekly update email. To receive this alert via email, sign into your Club Publix account, go to your Account Profile and click My Communication Preferences. This screen allows you to opt in to receive the weekly ad alert by email.

What is the 10 at 10 rule Publix? ›

Speak to and smile at everyone with 10 feet, and greet customers with the first 10 seconds of arriving.

Does Publix still do the penny item? ›

But, sadly the mystery deal gravy train is over with Publix's announcement that, after next week, there will be no more penny item promotion.

What time of day is best to go to Publix? ›

At Publix, earlier is usually better

Early in the morning is usually preferable if you want your pick of the finest items, such as produce. Publix stores typically restock their inventory at night, which means that early shoppers usually fare best in terms of selection.

Is Publix owned by Kroger? ›

Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix is a private corporation that is wholly owned by present and past employees and members of the Jenkins family.

What ad agency does Publix use? ›

Publix Super Markets Inc., Lakeland, Fla., has switched agencies for its $15 million in advertising spending. The account goes from Louis Benito Advertising, Tampa's largest agency, to West & Company in Jacksonville, which already handles marketing for Publix.

Who owns Publix? ›

The Jenkins family built and own part of Florida-based Publix Super Markets, which operates more than 1,200 grocery stores across southeastern U.S. Publix is the largest employee-owned company in the U.S.; employees own an estimated 80% and Jenkins family members own the rest.

What 6 items is Publix limiting? ›

Publix has added more items to a list of products with purchase limits. FirstCoastNews reported all Publix stores will limit sales on six items: coconut flakes, dairy whipping cream, half & half creamers, frozen pie shells, frozen hashbrowns and canola, vegetable and corn oil.

What is Publix weakness? ›

Limited geographic presence: Publix primarily operates in the southeastern United States, which makes the company more vulnerable to regional economic fluctuations and limits its overall market reach. Expanding to other regions or states could be challenging due to the strong presence of established competitors.

What is Publix shaving policy? ›

The new policy limits facial hair to 2 inches in length. Workers must also have a defined cheek and neckline. Employees that prepare food will have to wear a beard guard, the memo said.

What is the highest paying department at Publix? ›

Highest paying jobs at Publix

Some of the job titles with high salaries at Publix are pharmacist manager, team leader, warehouse selector, and order selector. A typical pharmacist manager salary at Publix is $84,461 per year.

What department pays the most at Publix? ›

FAQs About Publix Super Markets Inc

Publix Super Markets Inc employees with the job title Meat Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $18.76, while employees with the title Retail Service Clerk make the least with an average hourly rate of $10.80.

Do Publix employees get free subs? ›

No, Publix will not give there employees any discount. The people in the stores cannot even get a free fountain drink from the deli. Not at publix but you do get a few discounts other places. Nope, they never give any kind of discounts to their employees.

Do you get a 15 minute break at Publix? ›

The company does not allow any 15-minutes breaks per four-hour-work-period. And you need them to cope with the workload. Publix calls your unpaid 30-minute lunch a "break".

Are you supposed to tip Publix workers? ›

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. That service includes taking your groceries to your vehicle. No tipping, please.

Can you become a millionaire working at Publix? ›

At a time when most businesses are scaling back on employee benefits, at least one Georgia company offers a perk that has created millionaire after millionaire. It's a chain of supermarkets that operates in only six southeastern states. Any guesses? If you said Publix, you're spot on.

How to shop cheaply at Publix? ›

Just check the bottom of your receipt to see your total savings at checkout!
  1. Read the Weekly Sale Ad.
  2. Shop BOGO.
  3. Create a Club Publix Account.
  4. Buy Publix Brand Products.
  5. Clip Digital Coupons.
  6. Shop the Clearance Rack.
  7. Always Check Your Receipt.
Jul 29, 2022

What is Publix pulling from shelves? ›

Publix is the latest Florida-based business to announce they are pulling Russian-made vodka brands from their shelves. LAKELAND, Fla. — Since the invasion of Ukraine last week, the United States and other western countries initiated a series of sanctions meant to cripple the Russian economy.

Does Publix take dollars off coupons? ›

We accept a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item only. Limit two coupons per item. Manufacturer digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of the same item. We do not accept percent-off-item coupons or percent-off-total-order coupons.

What is the best position to work at Publix? ›

Meat department is generally the most sought after department because they have the highest paid non-management position in the store. The bakery is the best department to work in because it involves baking and decorating which are my two favorite things to do.

How often do Publix employees get a raise? ›

No, they only give raises after 6 month of working there.

How many vacation days do Publix employees get? ›

After one year of working at Publix, full-time employees receive one week of vacation time. After three years, employees receive 10 days of PTO annually. After 8 years, Publix employees receive 15 days, or 3 weeks, of vacation per year.

How much stock do Publix employees get? ›

Nearly 20,000 employees have worked at Publix for more than 15 years, and one reason they stay is a stock ownership plan that automatically plunks shares into employee accounts at the end of each year. The contribution ranges from 7% to 10% of their pay. Cost to employees is zero.

What is Publix famous for? ›

Publix is well known for their super fresh produce, high-value store-brand products, and their big BOGO (buy-one, get-one) deals. The employee-owned grocery chain's tagline is “Where Shopping is a Pleasure” because it is quite literally enjoyable to step into any of their brightly lit and well-organized stores.

What state has the most Publix? ›

Publix is a grocery store chain that is popular in the Southeast. Therefore, the states that have the most Publix are located in the Southeast as well. Without a doubt, the state that has the most Publix locations is Florida. Florida is estimated to have about 858 Publix locations scattered throughout the peninsula.

What are Publix employees called? ›

Our front service clerks, or baggers, are one of the reasons why customers shop at Publix. They play an important role in ensuring complete customer satisfaction whether they're greeting a customer, providing carryout service to a customer's vehicle, or helping locate an item on the shelf.

Who are Publix target customers? ›

Publix focuses on the younger generation as its target market and offers a lot of opportunities to younger people for scholarships or half prices to name a few. Whilst, they target younger people. Publix also tends to play the long game when it comes to repeat customers.

What is Publix generic brand called? ›

Our Publix Brand, Publix Premium, and GreenWise products are comparable to their national brand equivalents, but typically priced lower. Whether it's spaghetti sauce or paper towels, when you see our Publix brand items on the shelf, you'll know you're getting true quality at a great price.

Where is the oldest Publix? ›

Take a tour of our photo timeline to learn more about the history of Publix since our company was founded in 1930. In the midst of the Great Depression, George Jenkins walked away from the security of a good job to open the first Publix store in Winter Haven, Fla.

How much is the Publix family worth? ›

Jenkins, the founder of Publix Super Markets, and its chairman and CEO from 1990 to 2001. His family is among the richest in Florida and thirty-ninth richest in America, according to Forbes, with a net worth of $8.8 billion in 2020.

How rich is Publix? ›

Publix's sales for FY 2022 were $54.5 billion, a 13.6% increase from $48 billion in 2021. The additional week in 2022 increased sales by 2.1%. Comparable store sales for FY 2022 increased 9.9%.

What happened to Publix direct? ›

Publix Super Markets is closing its online grocery-shopping and home-delivery service, Publix- Direct, as of today after failing to turn a profit on it in two years. The shutdown will affect 382 employees at a distribution center at Pompano Beach and 58 at PublixDirect headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga.

Why can't I see prices on Publix? ›

Are prices available online for items? Items that are available for online ordering have prices displayed online. Prices are displayed for items on sale on the weekly ad pages only, unless it's an item available for online ordering. Other prices on the individual items in the product catalog are not displayed.

Is Publix laying off employees? ›

Publix says no to layoffs.

Is Publix owned by Walmart? ›

Publix Super Markets, Inc., commonly known as Publix, is an employee-owned American supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix is a private corporation that is wholly owned by present and past employees and members of the Jenkins family.

What does Publix do with unsold produce? ›

The fresh departments across our stores, including deli, meat, produce and dairy, gather perishable, wholesome foods that are safe for consumption but unsalable, and donate them to member food banks. In 2010, this program was launched company wide.

Who is Publix biggest competitor? ›

Publix main competitors are Vudu, Southeastern Grocers, and Rite Aid. Competitor Summary. See how Publix compares to its main competitors: Kroger has the most employees (465,000).

Is Publix really more expensive than Walmart? ›

Publix is generally considered to be more expensive than Walmart and Kroger. However, the price difference can vary depending on the specific products and locations. Publix is known for its focus on high-quality products and customer service, which can contribute to slightly higher prices.

Who are the highest paid employees at Publix? ›

Highest paying jobs at Publix

A typical pharmacist manager salary at Publix is $84,461 per year. Some of the other roles at Publix are front service clerk and deli associate.

Do Publix employees get a bonus? ›

Employee Benefits

From our stock ownership plan and health plans to our annual holiday cash bonuses, our benefits are part of what make Publix a great place to work.

What is Publix reputation? ›

LAKELAND, Fla., Feb. 2, 2022 — Publix has been named on Fortune's annual list of the World's Most Admired Companies, ranking No. 1 in the food and drugstores industry for the third year in a row and No. 42 on the overall list. Publix is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates.

Is Publix the best company to work for? ›

LAKELAND, Fla., April 4, 2023 — Publix has been recognized on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the 26th consecutive year.


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